Kids Collective is a free program in South Bank and Roma Street Parkland for young children up to age 12. Changing every week, activities range from crafts, sports, dance, and much more.

A vibrant colour palette was developed to capture the attention of a young audience, and communicate the playful nature of the program. A separate hero colour was established for the two program locations to assist in identification and differentiation. As the majority of the campaign appeared in outdoor advertising, and printed marketing collateral the bright colours provided effective cut-through and visibility in an urban environment.

Fun, friendly, and quirky; the flat, geometric illustrative style was developed to appeal to children. Separate characters were developed to denote the two separate program locations, and assist children to identify with their age group. Younger children for the juniors program in South Bank, and slightly more mature characters for Roma Street. The simplicity of the illustrations was key, as the activities they perform, and costumes they wear were updated each campaign (based on the activities offered).

The logo is an approachable sans-serif typeface, modified to create a unique design. The two-tone colourisation is striking, playful, and contemporary. The small “join” marks speak to a “paper doll” like construction, much like the hero characters. The shape housing the logomark is friendly and organic, imperfect like children’s handiwork, and comic speech bubbles.